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Pulp Fiction

Henry wondered why the key did not work. A rap on the window came just before the words, "Hey, buddy, get out of my car!”

John W. Vander Velden is a farmer, an avid reader, and life-long storyteller.  He keeps a literary blog titled, Ramblings…Essays and Such... He also writes other fiction and has published essays.  Vander Velden is a member of Plymouth (Indiana) Area Writer’s Workshop.  You can visit his blog at jwvandervelden.blogspot.com.


John W. Vander Velden

The Main Squeeze

“It all just feels like a kind of game,” she said. “Fake, somehow.” She stood stiffly in her kitchen.


“Barbie,” said Ken gently, “That’s ridiculous.”

Jackie Katsianas has an ancient B.A. degree, a more recent graduate diploma in applied finance, and a current master's in procrastination. She lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband and two kids and tries to use her free time to write instead of playing dumb games on her phone.


Jackie Katsianas

Fortunes: $3!


Clasping my palm, she wants $25.


I push back my chair, insulted.


Adjusting her turban, “Smart boy. Anybody can see, you’ll be fine.”

Nick Fuller Googins is a full-time writer, occasional adventurer, and retired coffee pourer/swim instructor/school teacher. An MFA candidate at Rutgers-Newark, he lives in New York City with three of the most wonderful beings on the planet. Some of his published fiction can be read here: nickfg.wordpress.com.


Nick Fuller Googins