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Pulp Fiction

“Is it possible to write a suspense story in 25 words or fewer?” he asked.


“Sure.” I said. “The trick is to keep the reader…”

Trudy Utterly is the pen name of JR Hampton – An English lecturer from Coventry in Great Britain. Trudy has previously been published at Espresso Stories. She writes mostly micro-fiction and short stories.


Trudy Utterly

The Main Squeeze

Flat on her back on his red velvet pillows – yeah, the date couldn’t have ended worse.She couldn’t stop hitting the top of the coffin.

Marissa Lynn Bracamonte is an ambitious author who specializes in fictional short stories dealing with fantasy, romance, and historical fiction. Visit her Elance or Freelancer pages to learn more about her and what she does, or to set up a business arrangement: https://www.elance.com/s/marissalbracamonte/


Marissa Lynn Bracamonte


Those little girls were there for every fairytale wedding in that church. They saw flowers, smiles, and champagne. Everyone else only saw the tiny tombstones.

Marissa Lynn Bracamonte