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Pulp Fiction

"Too expensive," said the prostitute.

    "Youll never find another size two stiletto," said the salesman.

    "When will you find another size two foot?" she countered.

Maria Bonsanti is a non-literary translator for an entity who would probably fire her if she injected any humor into her writing. Fortunately, Literary Juice feels differently. She has also had her work published in Red Poppy Review.


Maria Bonsanti

The Main Squeeze


Philicia Montgomery

Silver moons outline slender silhouettes. White pillows, cherried sheets.  "Will you love me tomorrow?" she says. He plunders on.  White flowers wilt at the deflowering.

Philicia Montgomery is a native of Queens, New York, and currently resides in Buffalo, New York, where she is finishing her last year as an undergraduate student at Buffalo State College. She is very excited to be published for a second time in Literary Juice and is working on submitting more works to other genres.


Seema Misra

She burst firecrackers to celebrate Diwali. The night ended with her mother banging on a closed door, and her drunk father emerging with

a servant-boy.

Seema Misra has a master's degree in clinical psychology and currently works as a freelance writer based in Bangalore. A loner and non-conformist, she is happiest holed up in her terrace apartment watching movies, reading books, painting, or simply whiling time away. She frequently blogs at http://lalalandandreellife.blogspot.in/.