Any warm room holds me,

as I do this red Venetian

pen, glass point, ready for

dipping in real, black ink


that generations of ancients

used, followed by a penny

for your thoughts, and up

to today’s ancients: myself.


I often desire to stare frontally

at feeling versus sensation.

That’s my quandary in the dip,

hold, pull, and literal try at ink.


If I’m too tight, my right-handed

letters feel admirable, but they

appear shaky and unstable on

my practice pad: life itself.


Those sensations, however,

strike a loose calm: much

like waiting comfortably in

line to check out from the


grocery store, knowing it

will take quarter-hours,

so just settle in and enjoy the

sensations on your flat arches.


I know my practice is improving,

as the thunder-shook symbols

jive with Plate 13 in my manual:

but is jive feeling or sensation?


Feeling touches as afterthought,

and sensation is the wait in line,

directing me loose, calm enough

to pause and value a line of ink.  

Jan Wiezorek has taught writing at St. Augustine College, Chicago. His poetry has appeared at The London Magazine, Southern Pacific Review, Scarlet Leaf Review, Bindweed Magazine, FIVE:2:ONE, Random Sample, Squawk Back, and other sites. He is author of Awesome Art Projects That Spark Super Writing. Visit him at


Jan Wiezorek



             August 2017

Produced from 100% Everything

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