HE liked thinking about the women he’d once been close to. The nights they’d had! The language he’d heard! The goings-on were so amazing, he’d be shaking, in the true sense of the word. Alone again in the morning, he’d go over everything in his mind, down to the tiniest detail, in pleasurable anticipation of the next time.


As the years went by, life around him changed, and one beautiful day he realized he’d gotten old. And they traded him in for a new one, because of the terrible creaking sound he’d begun to make.


“I guess everything has to end, sometime,” thought the old sofa, when they moved him into the hallway, and his owner’s girlfriend’s huge dog settled in on him. The dog behaved decently enough, except that his paws twitched when he slept, but that was nothing, compared to the turbulence of the sofa’s youth.


A few years later there were little kids running around the apartment, and the woman who couldn’t stand his creaking back then was still swishing around in her slippers. At night, the sofa listened to what was going on in the bedroom, but he didn’t hear anything resembling what he remembered.


“Ech, you old thing, you’re probably lonely, too . . .” said the owner, showing up with his pillow one night. Assuming, at first, he was addressing the dog, the sofa suddenly felt the owner’s hand on his worn-out upholstery, and realized the man was talking to him. “Sometimes I really wish I could go back to when it was just the two of us, together. Do you know what I mean?”


The sofa wanted terribly to say, “Yes,” but there’s no such thing as a talking sofa. And seeing as old friends understood each other, without having to say a word, the sofa agreed with a meaningful creak.



April 2017

Produced from 100% Everything

Literary Juice

Hope Silver

Hope Silver (Russian name - Nadezhda Serebrennikova) started her writing career as a journalist in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her first novel, Born Against All Odds, winner of several international writing competitions, was published in Russian in 2013. Based in Berkeley, California, since 2013, Hope is now an active blogger and fiction writer. This story is part of the collection, Curious Things, which is forthcoming in http://www.thurstonhowlpublications.com

Hope's website is www.hopesilver.ru


*This story was translated by Kristyna Steiger (Canada).