Bruce McRae is a Pushcart nominee with over a thousand poems published in magazines like Poetry, Rattle and the North American Review. His latest book, ‘An Unbecoming Fit Of Frenzy,’ is available on Amazon and Cawing Crow Press. His poems on video can be viewed on YouTube at BruceMcRaePoetry.


Bruce McRae



July 2016

Your eyes are like two mushroom clouds

over a mid-west American desert.

The high beams of a runaway juggernaut

veering into a ditch in a silent film.

The breasts of an Amazonian princess-warrior.


Your lips? Your lips are a vertiginous

mountain pass under ten-foot snowdrifts.

A Serbian hamlet with its dark secret.

A pair of velvet slippers beside God's bed.


And your hair, heart of my heart, your hair

is like a hangman's noose dipped in honey.

An Albertan canyon carpeted in mammoth bones.

A waterfall in the year 5000.


My love, my love for you is a leopard's cage door

swinging open in an abandoned zoo.

Like a little red and fiery schoolhouse.

Like a smoking crack in the flanks of Tibet.


I'll be the Adam to your Eve. And your apple.

If love were an amateur play, I'd be the second

Roman senator, entering stage left.

The very thought of you is like the Moor's last sigh.


Yes, let's you and I run away to a small magazine

in the south; where we'll lie among offal and umbles

and mock all the stars: two puppets wrestling in oil,

two Balinese dancers beneath a moth-eaten moon.

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