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Literary Juice

Literary Juice

Literary Juice


Literary Juice

November 2015

January 2016

March 2016

May 2016

Recollections - Catherine Kwalton

No Applause - Robert Earle

Poetry - Tim Miller, Jack e Lorts, Carl Boon, Bill Pruitt, Yuang Changming, John Grey


A Balloon - B. Bissailon

Beloved - Amethyst Loscocco

The Story Writes Itself - Drew A. Carmichael 

Poetry - W. F. Parent, Allison Thorpe, Robert Ronnow, Patrick Theron Erickson, Tracy Mishkin, Colleen Boyd, Albert Cantu, Michael Carrino



Literary Juice

July 2016

Transubstantiation - David Kunkel

Australian Change - Jan Ball

What Evan Said to Me in His Canoe - Gregory E. Lucas

Darling - Bruce McRae

Two Poems - James Blevins


Literary Juice

September 2016

I Am the Dog - Kasandra Larsen

Curiosity - Addie Scoggin

Unseen - Anita Roberts Soupir

Two Poems - Mike Drazen

A Bag of Almonds - Danny P. Barbare

Character Reference - Paul Bowman


Literary Juice

December 2016

It's a Cut Out - Lauren Sartor

Cyclamen in an Alcove: Chopin's House - Daniel James Sundahl

If I Knew Braille - Holly Day

Morning Benediction - Sean Prentiss

A Poem for the Unsung Battler - Colin Mackenzie

The Trouble with Love Poems - D. E. Kern


The Water Baby - Anonymous

One-Way Conversation with a Crow - Sean Murphy

Keeping a Running Tally - Gordon Kippola

Accordion Girl Plays at the Athens Metro - Brett Hoveskeland

Cremation - Nicholas Finch

The History Buff - Jonathan Wallace Hofstetter

Literary Juice

February 2017